There's going to be a Which Mage Are You? quiz over here. I promise it is all done and completely hilarious - but at this point in time half the characters in the quiz aren't even on stage yet! ^^;;


1) If this is a Christian Manga, then what about the name 'Mage'? Does this mean you condone the practice of magic? Or is this a metaphor for something else?

Okay, basically at this point in time, this hasn't really been revealed yet. I'm trying to err on the side of  spoiler-freeness, but we'll just see how it goes. 

To put it briefly, the word 'Mage' doesn't stand for the typical Magician class in a lot of games or manga - it's actually an acronym. If you want to dig deeper, though,in old English, "Mage" refers to the singular form of the word ' Magi.' So. Draw your conclusions, people! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magi)

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