The Mages
So... every first day of the new year, I've made it a point to try to CG something. I think I started this tradition in 2004.
'The Mages' was the work that I did for 2008. Don't ask me what I did for 2009. I don't remember at all... but basically the spirit behind it is to work off all my guilt about not doing anything, CG or otherwise, for the whole year through. I think I more than redeemed myself for 2009, if you look at the current header of this layout. Both layouts are incomplete representations - they actually have the full cast on them, I just can't release it until the story gets further than it is. UGH.

This was the second banner that I used for the site. I really like this layout. It's so everyone-friendly (I hope). I recently redid it, and it took minimal pain and effort to reconstrue.