The Map of Mages
Xandinavian: Gasp! A piece of art from 2008? No way.

xandinavian: ...Anyway, this was for an assignment for Art. That was pretty exciting, because I've never taken Art before and our Professor would sometimes give us assigments that we wouldn't know how to make head or tail out of. So this one was making a map out of anything as long as it hadn't been mapped before. So he said that we could make it out of something of our imagination.

So I made a map for The Mages and I borrowed just about everything from the Bible. There's Sodom and Gomorrah and the churches in Revelation, the Leviathan, metaphors like Shadow of Death (which is a valley, ha, ha, I slay myself), and the Promised Land.

Xandinavian: If you look closely at a map of Israel and a picture of a heart and look at the illustration on the bottom left corner actually merge those two concepts together. Not too visible on the Promised Land are Mount Zion and Eden.

 Now I'm left with the task of figuring out what to do with this map, since all sorts of nonsense gets created at whim and then I'm stuck with figuring out how it can be used after that.