Sky Chartreuse
xandinavian: Absolute favorite pic of Sky that I have. ^^ My proportions at this stage are still a little funky with the incredibly long limbs, but I don't care. :D

I remember drawing this in Chem lecture. My friends were looking over and telling me to give him Sponge Bob briefs, but I draw the line there. I like Sky's ducky underwear. ^^ He's so hopeless but it just makes him even cuter.

This might've been the first time I concretized his outfit. Well, okay, sort of. I keep changing things and leaving out stuff and coming back to my horror to realize that I've drawn it all wrong.

I like Sky. He's so harmless and nice. He's one of those guys who radiates niceness and haplessness which just adds to his ridiculous charm.

Invariably, with a group like the rest of the cast, though, he's going to be bullied all the time.