Sky Chartreuse
xandinavian: Strictly, this wasn't actually meant to be Sky. There's no way Sky could ever manage that. Not to say that he isn't musical - like any completely guyish guy, he plays some kind of guitar pretty well and all that - but there's just no way in the world he'd ever have a face/expression like that. Or pants like that - Sky never wears jeans that aren't a few million times too big for him either.  And Sky's just too shy to go around half-naked like that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is:
This guy is just too cool looking to be the Sky we have now.

This was drawn for TEYWT (The Exciting Youth Worship Thingy) for church. Failed concept, haha. :P But it got me off my butt to actually draw, and it was a lot of fun thinking up things. Basically the concept that I came up with was to draw manga characters in pen and ink and give them real instruments and photomanip them on so that it'd always be in the shape of a cross or something. Basically there's SUPPOSED to be a shadow of a cross on the ground. I was trying to say something like we find God even as we worship him with our lives and our instruments.

I dunno. I always get depressed when I see that shadow, because it's so... badly done. And if I'd have half a brain when I was making the shadow, I would have had pointed it in the OTHEr direction - behind the guitarist.

Oh, and that's another thing - NOW I actually KNOW that's a bass. I found out after I made the piece and everything; please don't get on my case for this. @_@. It all looks the same to me!