Noah Shawn Jacobson
xandinavian: The funny thing is, I created this piece for a friend before Noah was even created. Noah is a 2007 concept - he's just about the last character I created, and the FIRST one you meet in the manga. Kind of weird how these things pan out, huh?

Noah's history is really interesting - he was created in such a short time, and I think I gave him my guy best friend's name as a middle name. That was the inspiring force behind the particular struggle that Noah is going to get through, actually, even though the rest of Noah's life and walk with God and everything won't be based on my friend but myself really. :)

Well, in any case - I was wondering what to put up on the Author's Notes page, and then this suddenly came to mind xD So I pulled out the old working file and redid it until it looked semi-decent. Pretty rushed painting job, so don't look TOO closely.

It makes me feel happy that Noah's quite a bishie. xD In the Act I so far, all you see are weird panels of him making all sorts of funny faces. I don't think he's really gotten a chance to look handsome - so here's pic of him looking calm and serene and pretty. :3