Josh Chartruse
xandinavian: I love this piece, because it was ABSOLUTELY everything that I was never able to do in terms of design. This is the male Mage uniform, and I'm really happy how it turned out.

I love those buckle things. I probably overuse them. I think they're supposed to have a kind of purpose - you can shorten your uniform to a sleeveless top by unlocking the two top link things.

But in terms of Josh himself - this must be one of the 3 pictures I actually drew of him. Josh is a funny character - he's probably the least drawn character in the series, because I just didn't know how to draw him. Yes, I really had a dearth of imagination when I was younger. This turned out to be kind of an accident - when I was lining his hair, I accidently went down too thick, so I thought I might as well pretend that I meant to give him two-toned hair with darker layers at the bottom.

Josh's casual clothing was a bear to draw. By then I'd come up with things for everone else and I hadn't a clue how to design his clothes because they'd look too much like Sky's, and Josh doesn't wear weird outlandish things like the other people. I was SERIOUSLY contemplating making him run around in his uniform all the time, because Josh actually might do something like that if someone told him to.