Gift for Debs
xandinavian: As you may have noticed in the other writeups about the wonderful art Debs has sent me over the years, Debs is a major reason why I'm even doing any of this. As I was putting up my gallery and writing things about all the art I've got, I was really struck by how much of a blessing this wonderful online friend of mine has been throughout the years. It's because of Debs that it first occured to me to use manga to glorify God - and of course, the rest is history. Before that, I used to keep my life as a manga-lover separate from my identity in Christ, and I've found that the more I let Christ take it over, the more my life changes to become sweeter and sweeter in Him. God really takes away the bad and blesses me with what's good through this process. :)

Meeting Debs so randomly was really Godincidence, as we like to phrase it. :)  So this was just something to really appreciate her for being an inspiration and a blessing to me!