xandinavian: Birthday art from Debs! It's Juan in the cool trenchcoat thing that I didn't end up putting him in in the end for what reason I have no idea. Debs just does it so well. :: sighs and smiles happily :: 

This girl is a genius with pencils. Look at her draw those folds! Look at her shade! Look at that zip she drew! The boots! The pose!

This really reminds me of HER webcomic that she drew in 2005 - Ruination. I loved it. It was the FIRST webcomic I'd ever seen, and it was actually through Debs that I found out about the webcomic world. It'll remain my favourite webcomic forever and ever - maybe just because it was a Debs thing. ^^ Hahaha, I remember being so disappointed with the rest of the webcomic world since she completly set the standard for everything else that I saw after that. ^^;;