Cat Black CG
xandinavian: I really find that I don't actually settle on a CG style. Every CG I do (which are rare and few and far between) seems to be the next stage of evolution for me. So right now I'm in my 'brown' phase, because black hair is unbelievably hard to paint. Well, at least for me - because I don't know how to pick a color palette for that. Ish sad. Soooo here we have: Cat Brown. Har har har.

Well, a lot of the time I spend days trying to work with photoshop and all, and then I get fed up and finally just sort of hapharzardly fill in things and declare it 'finished'. That's what you get for not laying the foundations properly - the linework for this piece looks NOTHING like the final, and I used a mouse and a very lousy tablet so a lot of the lines are really jaggedy. It's just not finished, and it never well be. Arghhh this piece makes me angry.

 I think the only thing I'm really happy about is the way her eyes came out.