Cat Black
xandinavian: This was done in 2006, I believe. I was doing this just before my A level exams. It's actually part of this sudden bout of inspiration and creativity I always have just before some kind of major exam period. It's really strange and completely annoying, because now when I DO have the time, I find that I can't come up with anything. Things like this really make me want to cry...

Anyway, this design on Cat's costume was more or less finalized by now. I made a few alterations in the final version. In here, you'll notice that her top connects to the cloth collar thing that she wears, and her top has WAY too many criss-crossed string things.

That and that she's got the bare-midriff thing going on. I made her top a lot longer to accommodate public viewing, and every time I compare the two different versions, I'm not sure which one I like better. But the good thing is that the longer one doesn't detract much from the sense that her costume gives.

As for the posture and everything else - Cat's character went through a weird process of metamorphosis before I arrived at her current state. (Xandinavian: ie- stupid.)


Another thing - I can NEVER, EVER figure out what color Cat's shoes should be. All I think is - well, it's definitely not going to be colored black. That's all.