Cat Black, Mage Uniform
xandinavian: Here's the female version of the Mage uniform. I'm so completely lazy. I created the guy one in 2005, I think, and I didn't work on the female one until a year later. I wasn't particularly prolific in those two years. But I'm just happy, for the life of me, that I have these freaking designs done.

Like most shonen mangaka people, I've had no imagination when it comes to costume designs. The Mages haven't seemed to changed clothes in the last 3 years. Some of them didn't really have any either.

It's kind of funny, but now that I'm a lot better at this (it's a God thing - I stopped drawing for the longest time and suddenly when I got back to it I was better than I ever was for NO reason at all) I try to maintain a certain kind of consistency in what my characters wear. I look create a certain 'look' to their clothes and just sort of maintain it throughout whatever else thay may wear. But it's still pretty hard - that's why I'm so happy with uniforms. NOT THAT my ridiculous group likes to wear uniforms MUCH.

When I was in school, one thing I noticed was how much girls like to tamper with their uniforms. We used to try to do all sorts of things to make it look less dorky, and I thought, you know, I should extend that to The Mages as well, just to show how completely dysfunctional they are, as well as to emphasize how jarring these bunch of teenagers/young adults are in the M.A.G.E. (army).

 Cat wears her uniform properly because Cat doesn't care either way - but Sandy and Sky and everyone else (that you will meet later) keep changing things. Sandy wears her high socks instead of the boots and Sky loses half of the accesories that he's supposed to have, and his pants are just too big. Small things like these fill me with glee. ^^