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The Mages were a bunch of characters created with no aim and no purpose other than to keep xandinavian happy and give her something to doodle when she wasn't fangirling over some other bunch of bishies. 

....I'm exaggerating here. Slighty. But I can safely say that there wasn't much of a plot before we started getting intentional over it and whatever rough idea of a plot xandinavian had to frame the world that her characters live in. 

When it was decided that The Mages would be used for God's glory, the plot and characters and just about everything had to be revamped for its new purpose. Kind of like the way you have an overhaul in attitude and thought and heart when you're born again. Like us, The Mages was born again too. And as we know, when something is dedicated to God - things just begin to happen that we would have never been able to attain in our own power and strength.